Une écocité en Suède conçue sur l’industrie des algues

Source: EcoLogicStudio
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EcoLogicStudio has been completing phase1 of Simrishamn Regional Algae Farm, for the Osterlen region on the Swedish Baltic Sea. The project has been commissioned by the Simrishamn Municipality and it is currently exhibited to the public in the local Marine Centrum.
A decaying fishing industry in the Baltic sea and an ageing local polupation call for the introduction of a new type of economic and urban system; the farming of algae has been adopted by ecoLogicStudio as a medium to propose and incubate such new model.The design approach allows for top down strategies and investments, for the production of biofuelds and other renewable energies, and bottom up initiatives as well as know-how, of the local farmers and fisherman, to be combined in a plan of co-action.
The plan starts from the analysis of the existing environmental and social potential of the local landscape and illustrates emergent correlations to algae farming. Such hybrid conditions are than articulated in space by proposing new architectural prototypes to be developed across the Osterlen region.
The exhibition on show in the Marine Centre in Simrishamn tests one of these prototypes, the « hanging algae garden », conceived as an interactive public space of cultivation, set in-between the labs of the marine centre, the local office of tourisms and overlooking the old port. The exhibition
features three main components:
-the actual algae garden, featuring the 7 most common algae species in the region, organised and articulated by colour and gradients of intensity. The algae can be cultivated by the visitors by blowing co2 in the photo-bioreactor bags, observe the diverse colours as well as the different ecologies of micro or macro algae with magnifying lenses and finally interact via LED responsive memory system.
– the regional co-action plan is presented via a map on the floor below the garden as well as a Touristic Map of the region presenting the master plan as well as the different type of algae and topographic region which is possible to find at the moment on the local landscape and the proposed prototype that could be develop from these resources.
– the opening was followed by a symposium discussing the various algae related activities already present in the region and due to be integrated in the masterplan, the event was accompanied by an algae based gourmet lunch based on algal varieties present in the garden.


雅言组 译
已完成第一期,为在瑞典波罗的海 Osterlen地区的Simrishamn水藻类农场。该项目是受 Simrishamn市政当局委托,它是在当地海事中心向公众展出。面对波罗的海地区捕鱼业的衰退和当地人口老化问题,亟需引入一个新型的和城市经济体 系。由EcoLogicStudio通过他们构想的水藻养殖系统,提出了一个全新的模型和设计方法。ecoLogicStudio设想通过生物燃料和其他 可再​​生能源的生产和表达圣体的战略和投资,并期待当地农民和渔民共同参与规划中来。
该计划从分析当地景观现有的环境和社会的潜力入手,同时阐述水藻养殖的兴起。在并通过这种混合条件下新的建筑空间模型,展现Osterlen地区整体发展 远景。在Simrishamn海事中心展出的,他们的试验模型之一–« 空中水藻花园 »,它是一个互动的公共空间种植装置,设在海事中心的实验室,旅游 办公室和老港口三个地方。它的三个主要部分是:
– 通过地板下面的旅游地图以及该地区的总体规划,以及他所标注的藻类和地形区域的不同类型,找到目前的可能计划行动的区域,以便从这些资源进行开发。
– 开放式的研讨会,讨论活动是围绕中有关在该地区已存在的,以及在随后综合总体规划的可能的藻类。

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